Baleno On Road Price in Amritsar (Panjab)

Baleno on Road Price in Amritsar includes Ex-Show Room Price + Road Tax + Insurance. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is the premium hatchback by Maruti Suzuki. It’s great look and safety features make is different from all other Maruti cars.

Baleno On Road Price

Baleno on Road Price in Amritsar varies from Rs 5,80,623 for its base petrol model (Baleno Sigma Petrol)  to Rs. Rs. 9,25,726 for its diesel top model  (Baleno Alpha Diesel).

On road price is the final price that an Indian buyer pays for buying a car. It is inclusive of the price of the car, all applicable taxes (excise duty, VAT, local state taxes and road tax), first-year insurance premium for the car and all other charges levied by the dealer.

Baleno on Road Price in Amritsar

Variants Ex- Show Room Price RTO Insurance On Road Price (Amritsar)
Baleno Sigma Petrol 5,15,464 46,237 18,922 Rs. 5,80,623
Baleno Delta Petrol
5,80,868 51,469 21,192 Rs. 6,53,529
Baleno Zeta Petrol 6,41,242 56,299 23,288 Rs.  7,20,829
Baleno Alpha Petrol 7,11,677 61,934 25,733  Rs. 7,99,344
Baleno Delta (Automatic) Petrol 6,86,522 59,922 24,860 Rs. 7,71,304
Baleno Sigma Diesel
6,26,148 55,092 22,764  Rs. 7,04,004
Baleno Delta Diesel
6,91,553 60,324 25,034 Rs. 7,76,911
Baleno Zeta Diesel
7,51,926 65,154 27,130 Rs. 8,44,210
Baleno Alpha Diesel 8,22,362 73,789 29,575 Rs. 9,25,726
On Road Price of Baleno in Amritsar includes Ex-show room price + RTO + Insurance.
Road Tax on Diesel model is much more than on petrol model its mainly because government want to discourage use of diesel cars because they cause more pollution.
It is a good idea to buy a petrol car than a diesel car
a. if your uses are limited to 1000 km to 1500 km per month it will be cost effective.
b. some diesel cars create more noise as compared to their petrol counter parts.
c. Some Diesel Cars have smell of diesel while driving which makes it a trouble.
How ever if you need to use your car for long dives upto 3000 kms or more per month then diesel model will be more cost effective.
This is because per liter cost of diesel in less than that of petrol also mileage of Diesel cars is more that that of petrol Cars
On Road Price of Baleno in Amritsar will be affected whether you choose a diesel or a petrol version.
Engine of Baleno is same as that of Maruti Swift dzire which is time tested so you need not to worry about it. Rock Solid Service of Maruti Suzuki though out the country makes is a wonderful choice in its range.
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